Sponsored by the RCA Fund Scholarship 2019:

Project produced by:

                Directed by Daniel Vera Villalobos
                Concept by Daniel Vera Villalobos & Patricia Mascarell Llombart
                Photogrammetry Assistance by Álvaro Vera Villalobos
                Mariluz Villalobos Torvisco
                César David Vera Donoso
                Álvaro Vera Villalobos
                Special Thanks to
                Indira Knight, Eleanor Dare, Matt Lewis, Lol Sargent
                and my family for always letting me record one more time.
                In loving memory of Camilo Mascarell Cuenca.
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            When thinking about home, rather often the first image that comes to mind is a physical space. 
            However, even though that first thought is probably based on the need of a context, 
            the thoughts quickly turn into memories that go beyond the strict materiality of the house. 
            That is, really, where the combination of house and identity turn into what we usually define as home. 

            Home is the virtual house, 
            the time-based abstract layer generated by the inhabitant 
            as a response to the urgency of translating their own identity into space.

            But what happens when the individual perception of that layer collides with that of others?

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